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Social Finance NL ensures impact. Innovative collaborations and knowledge sharing between government, social enterprises and (impact) investors create a sustainable, effective solution for social issues. Social Finance NL uses a results-oriented methodology, data-driven analyses and impact measurement. Examples of such an approach are results-oriented funding and, in particular, Social Impact Bonds. We use these methods to develop new initiatives or to scale up impact.


At Social Finance NL, content is paramount, in which respect we aim for sustainable social results for the people in our society who are in the most vulnerable positions, and for the best, most effective social results. We do this to a large extent by setting up results-oriented financing. Results-oriented financing enables parties, such as governments or philanthropists, no longer to have to pay for effort, but for proven results.

An example of results-oriented financing is a Social Impact Bond, through which impact investors get involved to provide implementers with working capital. A government or philanthropist pays the investors depending on the outcome achieved.

We start with the core of the social problem and carry out research into the opportunities and challenges of issues and identify possible solutions. We always use both data analysis and qualitative input in this.


When tackling societal challenges, it is no longer about paying for effort, but about paying for proven results; Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) make this possible. By partnering with social enterprises and social investors, public authorities can invest in a results-oriented way in better results for vulnerable target groups, paying only if the social results are achieved.

For a complete overview of all the Social Impact Bonds worldwide, visit the Social Finance Impact Bond Global Database.




In addition to serving its customers, Social Finance NL aims to build a social finance ecosystem in the Netherlands. This requires knowledge and capacity from governments, social enterprises, social investors and intermediaries. To create this, we work closely with partners in the field such as Social Enterprise NL and its members, but also municipalities, provinces and ministries. We do this among other things by focusing on knowledge sharing, for example by writing reports, holding seminars and organising a course for civil servants in the field of outcomes financing. A concrete initiative in this context is an event in the context of the 5th anniversary of Social Impact Bonds in the Netherlands. We also want to actively contribute to stimulating the ecosystem, specifically on the part of investors and government. This includes an initiative to join the international movement of the Global Steering Group for Impact Investing (formerly the G8 Taskforce for Impact Investing) and the establishment of a National Advisory Board (NAB) in which all sectors of this growing ecosystem contribute to the progress of social entrepreneurship and impact financing in the Netherlands.

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