Mobilising capital and talent to drive social progress

Together we can solve social challenges in a sustainable and effective way

Social Finance NL (SFNL) partners with governments, non-profits, philanthropy, impact investors, and financial institutions to create innovative financing solutions to improve social outcomes.

We bring uncommon partners together around a common purpose: to measurably improve the lives of those in need.

What we do

Social Finance NL helps governments, non-profits and investors to measure, finance and increase social impact. We focus on achieving sustainable and effective solutions for people in need. We distinguish ourselves by combining our social mission with our financial expertise.

We recognize the essence of the issues, work logically and methodically, and underpin everything we do with data-driven analyses.

The Social Finance Approach

We believe in an outcomes-based and data-driven approach to finance, measure, and scale social impact.

The Social Finance Approach




We support our partners in several areas, such as impact strategy and impact analyses. Even when we work as an intermediary on the development of Social Impact Bonds, we sometimes start our engagement with an advisory project.

Database Social Impact Bonds


We bring organisations together for outcomes based collaborations, such as (Social) Impact Bonds. An impact bond is a financing instrument in which private money is used to solve social issues.

We guide and connect governments, investors and delivery organisations and structure the partnership. Once the deal is in place, we focus on performance management, to work on continuously improving and evaluating the impact.

Sharing knowledge

Sharing Knowledge

SFNL is the accelerator for outcomes based working and financing. Not only through our projects, but also by inspiring and mobilising the world around us to think and work differently.

That is why we focus on building and sharing our knowledge and activating other people and organizations alongside us. In this way we can create an ecosystem for tackling social challenges.


Ministerie Sociale Zaken Werkgelegenheid
Ministerie Volksgezondheid Welzijn Sport
Gemeente Rotterdam


The Social Finance NL team is dedicated to mobilising capital and talent to drive social progress. Through outcomes-based financing strategies, we work to disrupt the status quo, shifting mindsets to align resources with impact.

SFNL is part of the international Social Finance network. Social Finance UK invented and designed the first Social Impact Bond in 2010. In the subsequent years, the unique working method of Social Finance UK was rolled out worldwide and Social Finance US, Social Finance Israel, and Social Finance NL were successively established.

The Global Network shares knowledge and expertise to solve social problems in innovative, outcomes based ways.


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