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Social Finance NL solves social challenges sustainably and effectively. We do this by facilitating innovative collaborations between governments, social enterprises and investors, based on result agreements, knowledge sharing and data-driven analyses.


Social Finance NL is a social enterprise that believes in creating equal opportunities. We need a new, more effective way of solving social issues.

 Social Finance NL facilitates innovative collaborations and knowledge sharing between government, social enterprises and investors, using a results-oriented methodology and data-driven analyses. This creates a sustainable, effective approach to social issues.

Social Finance NL works on various projects for different government bodies, in order to tackle a range of social issues and achieve better results for different target groups. We advise on and support the formulation of objectives, we develop result measurement methods, and we form a link between government, social enterprises and impact investors.

We are currently working with various clients on the development of Social Impact Bonds and an outcomes fund. Read more about our projects here.

Social Finance NL was established with the support of its founding partners.



Ruben Koekoek


Ruben co-founded Social Finance NL, creates innovative social partnerships and is committed to spreading the Social Finance concept.

Björn Vennema


Björn co-founded Social Finance NL and supports governments with the implementation of data-driven solutions for social issues.

Sabine Oudt


Sabine supports the central government on matters concerning employment support and well-being.

Tiffany Boersma


Tiffany advises on the set-up of the outcomes fund and is involved in making and – in particular – measuring impact.


Board: The Board of Social Finance NL gives direction to the organisation, with the aim of monitoring the mission.




Prof. dr. Annemieke Roobeek is chair of the Board of Social Finance NL.



Jeroen Rijpkema is a member of the board of directors of Social Finance NL.


The Advisors support the mission of Social Finance NL and provide the team with support and advice on their expertise. They are also a valuable link to other partners and social developments.


Social Finance NL was established with the support of its founding partners Het Oranje Fonds and ABN AMRO Bank.

ABN Amro

Looking at the development of the SIB in the UK and elsewhere, ABN AMRO concluded that this concept would also work very well in the Netherlands. The power of … READ MORE

Oranje Fonds

Our society faces major social issues. Sustainable solutions require old and … READ MORE


Social Finance NL is part of the international Social Finance network. This network started with Social Finance UK, which launched the first Social Impact Bond in 2010. In the following years, the unique working method of Social Finance UK has grown worldwide and Social Finance US, Social Finance Israel and Social Finance India have been established as new organisations in the Social Finance Global Network.

The Global Network works closely together to further develop the approach to societal challenges through knowledge sharing, Social Impact Bonds and other innovative forms of financing.

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